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Resonate – For people who need to be heard

In Resonate Dr Louise Mahler, voice coach extraordinaire, demonstrates that your mind, body and voice are inextricably linked.

By approaching voice through an understanding of the whole body, Louise explains how your state of mind determines the way you hold your body, how your feelings resonate through your voice and how this sequence ultimately influences the efficacy of your communication.



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Leadership Retreat at Healesville in August

Presence, Influence and Finding your Voice, 14-16 August at the RACV Healesville club

Learn the secrets of becoming a more persuasive presenter. Learn how to be heard in client meetings, boardroom negotiations, conflict resolution, when dealing with staff as well as numerous other occasions.

You will learn how to present more effectively, influence the people in your work environment for a win-win outcome, and apply a greater empathy to all your personal interactions. The Yarra Valley Spa Retreat provides a world class […]

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We organised a retreat with Louise for a group of very senior and seasoned nursing and midwifery managers. What wanted to learn new strategies to engage and influence.

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