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Resonate – For people who need to be heard

In Resonate Dr Louise Mahler, voice coach extraordinaire, demonstrates that your mind, body and voice are inextricably linked.

By approaching voice through an understanding of the whole body, Louise explains how your state of mind determines the way you hold your body, how your feelings resonate through your voice and how this sequence ultimately influences the efficacy of your communication.



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Presence, Influence & Finding your Voice – Sydney in December

Learn the secrets of being a more influential communicator and persuasive presenter.

The ability to persuade can never be underestimated. It’s a skill that can be used in client meetings, boardroom negotiations, when dealing with staff and on numerous other occasions. As you can imagine, a person who can influence the outcome of an important decision simply by the way they present will be an enormous asset to any company. And that’s the sort of person you can be.

Presence, Influence and […]

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“Thank you for all the time you spent with our team, both in the lead up to the conference and during your highly entertaining presentation.

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