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She has been referred to as ‘The Wizard of Aus’ and when Dr Louise Mahler takes the stage, her audience is treated to a mixture of transformative education combined with a polished artistic performance. 


Resonate – For people who need to be heard

In Resonate, Dr Louise Mahler, a master of presence and influence, demonstrates that your mind, body and voice are inextricably linked. By approaching communication through an understanding of the whole body, Louise explains your state of mind determines the way you sound and how your feelings resonate from your mind, through your body and into your voice, ultimately influencing your very presence.




Dr Louise Mahler’s Executive Coaching program has been developed specifically for individuals in influential positions who require personal 1-on-1 instruction. Delivered over 3 x 2 hour intensive sessions, Dr Mahler uses her cutting edge instruments to diagnose your key areas of performance blockage and engender dramatic positive transformation.

Year long program

Dr Louise Mahler’s Executive Mentoring program is a year-long program for high level participants requiring deep transformation. This program truly changes your trajectory for success.

Small Group

Dr Louise Mahler’s Executive Leadership program has been developed specifically for small groups (8-20), of high level participants. The intensive content delivered over a 1.5 to 3 hour period, enables positive transformation with immediate application for high-stake engagement in the corporate environment. The sessions are highly participatory – and prepare to be challenged!

Online Training Program


Workshop Recording

“Thank you for all the time you spent with our team, both in the lead up to the conference and during your highly entertaining presentation. The content was perfect for the outcomes we were aiming to achieve and I know that all of us, especially our store managers, will be much better communicators and engagers of our teams as a result of your simple yet effective messages. “ David Matheson COO, Kmart

"Your session today was absolutely outstanding...And we get a lot of great training . I didn't make the LTP training you ran for us in Sydney last September but a few of my colleagues told me that I would have loved it! And they were right!" Nicola Lynch – Director PwC

“In attending over 3-months-worth of Crotonville and other training sessions by GE, I have not seen a better trainer in action than Dr Mahler”. Claire Pierce Aurizon Account Leader- GE Transportation

“I was truly amazed at how the depth of your observation and powerful presentation come together to make for an agenda that is engaging, insightful and inspiring.The practicality of techniques you offer help us with both lasting memory and individual takeaways for our Leadership journeys going forward “. Vivek Madan -Senior Manager Strategic Planning and Analysis - Jetstar

“Feedback I have received was that the Courageous Conversations workshop was one of the best training experiences at Telstra ever. This is great to hear”. David Boyes - Director, Customer Delivery Unit Network Application and Services – Telstra


“Just wanted to say thanks for a really positive two days. Whilst confronting, it has given me some really good tips and things to work on. So I guess you can consider me as part of the 4% that give feedback! I have also told more than 3 people in 3 months about the experience”. Rohan Obst Participation Growth leader - Cricket Australia
Cricket Australia

“We organised a retreat with Louise for a group of very senior and seasoned nursing and midwifery managers. What wanted to learn new strategies to engage and influence. What we didn’t know was that we would collectively have one of the best weekends of our professional lives – without exception every single participant came away reinvigorated, connected and most importantly with a range of new tactics and skills to get our voices heard. We cannot speak highly enough of what Louise has given us”. Susan Pearce
NSW Health

“Everyone can learn something new from Louise, from the beginner at public speaking to the accomplished professional who does it every day for a living. Because she has found a new and fresh bag of tricks we all enjoy trying out – again and again – to become sharper, more convincing and inspiring. To let our true self and potential to surface. Suddenly the horrors of being on show become fun”. Andrew Mackenzie CEO BHP Billiton Ltd